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3 reasons why

Stories of van Holz are extractions of my life. Some are serious, some are funny & some are just stupid. Growing up in a small village with only 1.000 inhabitants, I have since experienced a lot during my time in Hamburg and my travels around the world. Get inspired, get entertained or just take some pieces of helpful content.

I am aware of the fact that everything is a copy of a copy of a copy but here are 3 reasons I‘m starting this blog:

  1. This is a true story. I‘m not trying to create a fake world that is often reflected on social media making people believe this is the real world we are living in.

  2. Snackable bites. I‘m not writing endless novels but I strongly believe that some stories need more than a self deleting Instagram story. So take a breath; there is no time to rush.

  3. Everyone has to say something. It doesn‘t matter if you spread the word via music, art, writing or any other form. The important thing is that you are doing it. There is no excuse to hide what you want to say. So this is my contribution and I hope you will get inspired.

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